Introduction to One Sale A Day Sales System

Every day could be payday. Learn how to – start getting paid higher upfront bonuses. – prospect pre-qualified leads. – build a bigger merchant services portfolio. – increase your monthly residuals. Every day could be payday if you made one sale a day in merchant services sales.

Nova News: Shopping Carts & Ecommerce Websites.

According to Shamil, a Senior Marketing Consultant for Nova Solutions, there are two major considerations when trying to decide on e-commerce solutions for your company – selecting a generic or custom platform. In either case, 4 criteria need to be addressed for optimal e-commerce success: • Attractive and appealing site design • Unique and informative […]

JMG Net-Sales Worth Merchant Services

The Net-Sales Worth service provides credit and debit card processing for businesses of all sizes throughout the United States. Net-Sales Worth can service merchants of all types such as: retail shops, hotels, restaurants, wireless merchants, mail order, phone order, wholesale, e-commerce, and an array of specialty businesses. Be sure to contact your JMG Net-Worth Sales […]

Merchant Services Technology Updates

Retailer Education Series – Merchant Services Question 3: Technology President and CEO of Merchant Consulting Group – Jonathan Arst, educates retailers on merchant services and credit card processing. In this segment, Jonathan talks about different technology options for credit card processing.